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The First National Bank of Sedan

& The Bank of Pawhuska

Since 1874, the First National Bank of Sedan has provided stability, direction, and financial growth to the community of Sedan, Kansas. It has withstood many economic downturns and witnessed the community it serves overcome all manner of natural disaster including droughts, floods, fires, and violent storms. Our staff and Directors are involved in the community by serving on School Board, serving on City Council, and helping provide leadership and encouragement in many other civic organizations. Quite simply put, we’re part of the bedrock of our community and have been for over 145 years.

It is that kind of dedication and love for our community that truly sets us apart from other banks. We want our community to succeed, and in order to ensure that, we strive for success ourselves. This is why in 2017, we opened our branch; The Bank of Pawhuska in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It was our hope then, and it still is our hope now, that the same values that have kept us in business for 145 years in Sedan will allow us to serve Pawhuska and help that community as well.

Our bank is taking bold steps forward to modernize itself so that it will be able to serve both Sedan and Pawhuska and other communities for the next 145 years.  The grass really is greener at our bank; Come Grow with Us!