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About Us

A Brief History of The First National Bank of Sedan, Kansas

On March 13, 1874 the private bank of L.L. Turner was founded in Elk Falls, Kansas, which was then the county seat of Howard County. In 1875 Howard County was divided, the northern half becoming Elk County and the southern half becoming Chautauqua County with Sedan as the temporary county seat. Turner's Bank was hauled by an ox team to Sedan in November of 1875 and installed in a one-story frame building situated on part of the site of the Bradford Hotel. In 1878 the bank built a new brick building on the present site of The First National Bank of Sedan, Kansas.

On February 14, 1888, the Articles of Association and Organization Certificate were signed. L.L. Turner became the first president, E.C. Ackarman its first vice-president, C.M. Turner its first cashier and James T. Bradley its first assistant cashier. These four men and J.J. Adams, then sheriff of Chautauqua County, constituted the first board of directors. The First National Bank of Sedan opened its doors for business on Tuesday morning, March 13, 1888 and deposits in the amount of $33,715.66 were received from L.L. Turner's bank.

In the first fifty years of the bank's history, it had only four presidents and twenty directors.

The Staff and Directors of the First National Bank of Sedan have always recognized the fact that the prosperity of our bank depends upon the prosperity of our customers. Therefore, we take a personal interest in the welfare of our customers and are continually willing and able to render financial aid and assistance wherever and whenever possible. The bank has prospered and grown for over 133 years.

The Staff and Directors wish to take this opportunity to thank the bank's many loyal customers for their liberal patronage so important to the community and to the nation and that it will continue for many years to come.

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